May 09, 2015

Betty Beagle is a perfect girl!

"Hello all! Just a quick note to let you know how much my family adores our Betty Beagle. We reached out to possibly adopt another dog but through your care and tireless efforts you matched us with the perfect girl. She is just right for our busy home with young kids. Her tender heart and sweet nature (and relentless pursuit of squirrels...don't let that angel face fool you) has us all smitten. I refer potential adopters to you all continually; much love for the cherished family member and also gratitude and warm regards to your trainers who work so hard and then turn their charges over every Saturday."

April 27, 2015

Mr. Buttons

Dear Brett: I found your email address and wanted to share some beautiful memories and pics of my loved little one. The second picture is him opening his Christmas stocking this recent Christmas! He is inquisitive, energetic and loves long walks, Barking at anyone who shows up at my front door and visiting with the neighborhood dogs when he is taking me for a walk. He is indeed loved and cherished and has found a forever home. Thank you for helping me choose a good one. On the day that I adopted him, you said to me, "just hold him". He was given my heart at that time and remember you even told me that he has a black spot on his side that is in the shape of a heart. The good Lord must have picked him out as he is the gentlest natured dog that I have ever had. Hope this email finds you. Feel like emailing back if you choose. Blessings to you Brett.

His previous name was Spooky that I felt had negative connotations as that reflected fear and scary things. So I renamed him "Mr. Buttons" as he is as cute as a button. He knows it also. He still plays with his Santa Claus toy as it is one of his favorites. He is truly a joy to be with and always a perfect gentleman. His only vice is that he is selfish with his toys but loves to run after them when I throw them for him to chase. Best of all to you giving back loving companion animals to families like me.

April 27, 2015

"...Ginger is doing great."

I wanted to let you know that Ginger is doing great. she had adjusted very well to us and loves her new home. she is definitely a lap dog. its either my husbands lap or mine. it does not matter to her , .she likes to go for rides in the car. she has became very protective of her home and yard. she likes to chase the squirrels. I am so glad we found out about your program and were able to adopt Ginger. It is obvious that your
program with the help of her handler made a difference in Ginger. we have lots of pictures. when I figured out how to send them to you, I will.

Thanks again,

April 15, 2015

...the girls are just fine and getting very spoiled.

As you can see, the girls are just fine and getting very spoiled. They both love my grand daughter and she refers to them as her dogs. Dixie is my shadow so she takes over from the Zoe that I lost. She sleeps with me every night. Maddie is a tad more independent, she sleeps with me sometimes but if she is all comfy in her bed she prefers not to be disturbed. She loves chasing after my outside cats but is good to come back on command. Dixie barks at the cat and comes right back to me.
I have taken them with me to my other grand children's soccer games and everyone loves them. They have been a good advertisement for your program. Everyone is so interested when I tell them how I adopted my girls. Thank you and keep up your wonderful work.
I am so thankful that my little girls found me, they are so a part of my life. Couldn't love them more.

February 28, 2015



In December 2005 we adopted a tri-color sheltie named Holly through Safe Harbor. Our sweet girl passed away a few weeks ago. I would like to share her story with you. Holly had been rescued from a puppy mill and was very afraid of people and her surroundings. At first we thought maybe we had made a mistake adopting her because she would not even look at us. But after awhile she came out of her shell and she grew to love her family and her home. Holly was a gentle and kind dog who loved attention. She was the first to greet someone at our door. She has a sheltie brother named Frankie who has been lost without her. Most of all, Holly was a happy dog. And yes, she could smile. Holly, thank you for all the lessons you taught us. And thanks to Safe Harbor for letting us adopt this wonderful dog. She will always be our pretty girl. Now, I need a Kleenex for my tears!

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