October 29, 2014

Della is an angel

Hello Brett-

Just a quick update for you. How do I begin to tell you just how wonderful and blessed it is to have Della as a pet and as a work companion. Brett, she has touched so many lives in such a positive way! Just today I had one young girl having a mental “melt down”. She had withdrawn herself to the corner of the room and put a chair in front of her to block anyone. I was called in to help. Della walked in, went under the chair, and laid down right next to the girl (almost in her lap). Within a few moments, the girl was petting Della and her wall started to come down. This afternoon, I came to my office after teaching and found a young girl sobbing waiting to talk with me. She is working through sad and significant family issues. As soon as Della walked in with me, this young girl threw her arms around the dog and started sobbing. I gave her a few moments of loving on Della and let her just pet her. It didn’t take long before the girl calmed enough to start talking through things. I can honestly say that situations like these are not sporadic or rare. Rather, Della’s love and calming presence directly help me to connect with students numerous times a week and sometimes, multiple times a day. She is such a blessing and I really want you all at Safe Harbor to know just what a difference your efforts made, through your work with her, in the lives of the kids she helps.

Della has a fan club of numerous children who stop by every morning to say “hello”. She has a dog treat dispenser that the kids love to use. She gets so many treats that I have to cut them up super small and limit the kids to each giving her only one treat per visit. As it is she probably gets 50 in a day. Fortunately, one “Pupperoni" treat can be cut into about 15 small pieces! The staff adore her as well. Teachers often drop by my office for a “Della break” or a “Della recharge” as they call them.

Della has been a HUGE hit this year with a behavior plan we implemented school wide. It promotes positive behavior with a recognition of a “Bob Cat Buck” for following our rules to be Respectful, Responsible, Ready. The kids can save their bucks to buy lots of different items, privileges, and special treats throughout the building. By far, the most popular items are those involving Della. Kids can buy the privilege to each lunch with her and a friend; kids can buy the privilege of taking Della to recess; they can even pay to to have their picture taken with her (one of the most popular purchases). It has been great. On most days, Della has at least 15-20 kids come in who have paid to eat lunch with her. All she does is lay on the picnic blanket with them and let them love her to pieces. Talk about a win-win!

The big mystery this week is “What will Della be for Halloween?” The kids are all trying to guess and begging me to tell them. The big “reveal” is Friday of course. She is going to be a bright red crayon. I found an adorable costume that is basically like a coat. It does have a pointed hat but Della truly doesn’t seem to mind a hat. I’m going to be a piece of paper. She will be leading our Halloween parade in the afternoon.

All in all, Della is an angel and my family and the school family all adore and love her. Thank you again so very much for all that you do. You all together make an incredible difference in the lives of countless people and animals. You have literally touched over 1000 lives with Della alone. Please pass my thanks and blessings along to everyone who works together to make Safe Harbor such an incredible program that positively affects so many people. God Bless You!

Kim Jennings
Della’s “mom"

August 13, 2014


August 12th marked the ten year anniversary of Safe Harbor Prison Dog Program! We continue to save the lives of as many dogs as possible. We love our dogs and do whatever we can to make sure they get the best care. Our group is still run by a very small but dedicated group of people. We are very grateful for the many people who believe in our program and help support us. We received a very timely donation yesterday that helped us tremendously. We are simply amazed at the generosity of one individual. Thank you so very much.

April 02, 2014

Yay for Hudy!

"We adopted Hudy--a year old dachshund/terrier mix (we think!) 10 months ago. He was so scared when we picked him up, but even on the ride home, I believe he realized the person holding him was going to love the heck out of him. He has become such a great part of our family, and is just the perfect size and temperament. And ironically, Hudy probably loves my husband the most---yes the "we don't need another dog" husband. They are now fast pals. So this is just a belated thank you for your amazing program, for the professional way in which our adoption process was handled, and most of all, for sending Hudy to us."

January 24, 2014

Wiley...has brought nothing but pure joy to our home.

In August of 2013, we adopted a dog from the Moore Oklahoma tragedy through the Safe Harbor Program.
We had recently put our dog down due to health reasons and we’re undecided about getting another dog so soon.
However, when we met Wiley it was a fit!! Such a sweet nature about him and he was such a loving animal, we just had to have him.
Since that very first day, he has brought nothing but pure joy to our home. Wiley is young and very energetic and needs a lot to keep
him occupied. It’s like have a little kid in the house all over again. Squeaky toys and half chewed up bones are
everywhere in the yard!!!! Not to mention all the running back and forth that goes on in the evening when we
are trying to settle in for the night. But you know what……he is soo worth every minute. He is the perfect fit!!!
We are so pleased with the whole experience from introduction to adoption.
Highly recommend the program to our friends who are looking for a new addition to fill their lives.
Thank you Safe Harbor for filling our home with toys, joys and laughter once again.

January 15, 2014

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we adopted Athena!

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we adopted Athena! We welcomed her into our home just a few days before Christmas and what a great present she was to us. She has adjusted so well to us. Our other pets are getting used to her. She is so well behaved. She even thinks that she is a lap dog!!!

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Safe Harbor holds dog adoptions on most Saturdays.

We will NOT be having an adoption event on Saturday, November 29 due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Please join us on Saturday, December 6, at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Lackman Rd. (15200 Shawnee Mission Pkwy) from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The following dogs were adopted at PetSmart on Saturday.


CiCi (at Lansing Correctional Facility)

We hope to see you Saturday.


**We are always in need of supplies!!

Here is our WISH LIST:

Martingale Training Collars,

Leashes (retractable or 4 foot nylon)

Soft Training Treats,

Heartworm Preventive,


especially Nylabone Chew Toys,
and Kong toys,

Box Fans,

Fans that attach to crate doors for transporting,

D-Cell Batteries for the crate door fans when transporting dogs,

Bedding (towels, sheets, wash cloths, blankets, etc.)

*Donations are tax deductible as applicable by law and can be brought to us at an event or mailed to us at:

Safe Harbor Prison Dogs,
P.O. Box 536, Bonner Springs, KS 66012*